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Cargo Insurance


             Peace of mind to shipper, consignee, importers and exporters.”


Little attention is given to losses associated with cargo shipping. Very few traders are prepared for flooding, windstorms, fires, damaged cargo, or cargo theft.

Most traders do not buy cargo insurance for one or more of the following misconceptions.

  • High insurance cost.

  • Mishandling claims.

  • It is the importer’s responsibility.

  • No risk expected.

The following step will guide traders to buying insurance.

1-      Establish the right cargo value based on actual cost, replacement cost, current market value, either way is acceptable providing the maintenance of paper documentation.

2-      Select the right insurance agents to help selecting the right insurance company that.

  • Can handle claims in a professional way.

  • Has long-term track record to cargo insurance and reinsurance.

  • Financial stability.

  • Offer fair insurance rate and coverage.

3-      Middle East Shipping Co., Inc. understands the risks, shipping aspects and is a partner with a licensed marine insurance specialist, can offer you the right insurance coverage.

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